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[admin] Feedback and spam

Thanks again to everyone who offered to pinch hit. I think I am in good shape now, though there may be some last minute fires to put out tonight and tomorrow, so you may get a last minute panicked email. Probably not, though.


I wanted to give you all a heads up ahead of time - the remix archive is set up with a feedback form so you can receive feedback while the stories are anonymous, and the feedback is sent via email, and it oftentimes gets caught in people's spam filters. We do not hold copies of these emails on the archive end, so that means feedback is lost in the ether somewhere, and I hate that that happens.

So if your ISP has a strict spamblocking policy, you may want to add dime43.dizinc.com to your whitelist, and make an effort to check your bulkmail/spam folders once the archive is live, because that will be the address the mail comes from, and I don't want anyone to miss out on any feedback.

I would also ask that you wait until the authors' names are revealed before replying to feedback. There's no point in going through all the trouble to make this an anonymous thing if people are going to blow their covers at the drop of a hat.

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