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[admin] notes on posting your stories

A few notes on posting:

  • Please do not post using the rich text editor. This adds in a ton of garbage code that is a bitch to edit and causes consternation amongst the folks you're sharing the account with.

  • If your sockpuppet is set to rich text mode, please set it back to HTML prior to pasting your story into the update window.

  • Please use the preview feature to check and make sure your story is coded properly. This includes proper use of an lj-cut tag.

  • Please come back in a little while - i.e., login as the sockpuppet again - to make sure that your formatting is correct. The mods are not responsible for fixing your coding errors. We have been approving stories pretty quickly, so you probably don't even need to wait more than fifteen or twenty minutes, unless you post sometime in the middle of the night EDT.

  • Please remember to tag your entries. Please follow the format laid out in my previous post: fandom: fandom, character: firstname lastname, character: firstname lastname, pairing: firstname lastname/firstname/lastname etc. Using first and last names may seem ridiculous to you, but when someone is searching for fic about Jack Sparrow, or Logan Echolls, or Sam Winchester, they do not want to be finding fic about Jack Bristow, Logan Huntzberger, or Sam Gamgee. Please include the leading "fandom" or "character" identifier, so that we can differentiate between Veronica Mars or Harry Potter the fandom v. Veronica Mars or Harry Potter the character, for example.

  • If there is a major formatting problem you cannot fix via editing, please do delete and repost your story.

  • If your story is longer than 10K words, you will likely need to split it into multiple LJ posts. Please put links to each part at the top and bottom of your post, for easy navigation.


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