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[Admin] Revelations tomorrow

Just a reminder - tomorrow afternoon, the authors' names will be revealed, and you are then encouraged to answer all your feedback (and remember, it will look like this: "musesfool@livejournal.com" <musesfool@dime43.dizinc.com> when you hit "Reply To:" so you'll have to delete the dime43.dizinc.com address and use the one in quotes, or your reply won't reach the intended recipient) and post your story in your LJ, to your site, and to other appropriate places as you see fit.

Once again, I'd ask that people thank their remixers, if you haven't already, and if you've made a Remix Recs post (or you make one in the future), please link me here, as I'm collecting them here.

Thanks again for participating, and writing great stories.

I'll make the announcement here tomorrow when the names are visible, though I'm sure many of you will see it before I do. *g*
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